Waking Up To Our Potential

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The Mayans predicted that Dec 21, 2012, would be the day we descended out of the “age of darkness.” Many people assumed this would be the day the world would end, doomsday, or the infamous “Armageddon.” However, here we are, February 2016, and planet Earth is still a dense, polluted, regenerating, overpopulated, ever evolving, habitat to billions of organisms – floating in a galaxy of 10s of billions of twinkling balls of heat. There are approximately 10 billion galaxies in the observable universe. The number of stars in each galaxy varies, but if there are on average, 100 billion stars per galaxy. That inadvertently means there are about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (or 1 billion trillion) stars in the foreseeable universe.

The Earth is the largest planet of four terrestrial planets in orbit in our Solar System. It is reportedly the only astronomical object that can “harbor life,” meaning everything else, as far as we can tell, is too hot, wet, dry, icy, inclimate, or weightless to keep us alive; this is according to scientists and university scholars. How arrogant of us measly little humans.

derealization-1I find it tough to believe that we’re the only form of life in the galaxy. Humans are not even capable of exploring the furthest depths of the oceans on our own planet (which happen to be greater than the mass of the Earth’s land). The Pacific Ocean alone is 165.25 million square kilometers while the Earth’s land mass is only 148.94 million square kilometers between all seven continents. So why would we make an assumption about outer space, a place so big it’s beyond comprehension? Math, science, and technology teach us FACTS, right? However, art, music and history are dead subjects that show us information about irrelevant, unrealistic, biased or outdated concepts and theories. To the far left-brained, analytical, 3D, there is nothing wrong with that. To the right-brained, creative thinker, it sounds foolish and limited. Creativity makes anything possible, and the imagination is necessary to bring anything into creation. Not everything has to be measurable, proven, or even logistically sound, to exist.

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“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Albert Einstein

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For example, everything from building the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, to doing kindergarten homework assignments requires creativity. Even the most extreme creative acts, like rape or mass murder, require imaginative ability. Creating offspring through the act of sexual reproduction is arguably the most creative thing we might do.

D7_Chakrasuring intimacy, the Belly Chakra or Sacral Chakra is activated. The Sacral Chakra is located 2 inches under the belly button. This same chakra can be activated during a Kundalini Meditation, session, which requires an extreme set of circumstances to achieve. I once experienced this type of mediation by accident when I was meditating with a specimen of Libyan Desert Glass and was interrupted by my brother-in-law who has terrible karma. I forgot to create a protective grid around the area in which I was meditating so it was penetrated. During the interruption, I experienced sleep paralysis and loud chanting inside my head. I believe it was a result of a kundalini experience, but it also could’ve been my brother’s bad energy attaching itself to me when I was at my most vulnerable, and in a meditative state.

We should be taught about these things in schools and by our loved ones. Learning to meditate properly and protect your energy and vibration, are arguably far more important than learning about how to write a cover letter correctly, or calculating the derivative of some crazy high number. We’ve gotten away from the days of using the position of the sun or astrology for math and science. We’re super disconnected from the Earth and each other. The days when we only focused on creativity, productivity and longevity are in the distant past. We’ve created systems that make things easier, less enjoyable and require more resources. People are fundamentally unhappy because they’ve been groomed to work in a system that wasn’t designed to benefit them individually. This system caps their ability to produce resources to promote the enjoyment of life. It disregards their definitions of happiness, health, wealth, beauty, and love. Hand-outs and taxation discourage people from reaching their full potential. The dream of security encourages conformity and avoiding risk taking at all costs. The seduction of being a part of a group, or “identity” promote mediocrity. People’s minds are about as expansive as my nostril. They are running old programs given to them by their families when they were children.

Generation after generation, people seem to get more complacent with where they’re at. My grandmother moved from Mississippi to be the first in her lineage to graduate college (not that I am supporting attending college, but that’s an entirely different subject). Not only did she earn several degrees, but she put 4 of her siblings and six children through college. One might expect that the children would raise her grandchildren to be epic, but that is not the case. Sure most of the grandchildren attended college, but generation after generation, the family seems to be getting worse off. By providing an education for her children, she removed the urgency they would’ve had to figure out what they wanted for their future. They just had to pick a curriculum to follow from a list of about 20 options. No one achieved their dreams, or even figured out what their dreams were, and there are still no entrepreneurs in the family. There was one. He cooked meth and printed money. I think he’s still at Leavenworth. Just like most Americans, they live for the weekend, hate their jobs, are overweight, camp out on Black Friday, shop 4th of July clearance sales, eat fast food, and have filed bankruptcy at least once. The point is, people need pressure to create diamonds.

To me, it seems like society has DEVOLVED, and we could learn a thing or two from the Egyptians.
Why are we taught that the pyramids were tombs, even though there were no bodies found. There are clear indications they served as some form of an aqueduct to provide free power & electricity to ancient civilizations? But hey, when you spend about 10 hours in all, of your entire primary and secondary education learning about them, that can easily be missed. Why are there over 5,000 years of civilized history, but our school systems focus on the short 300ish years of American history?

If the contract you have in life were comparable to that of a lease agreement, you’d have some serious questions. You may even be ready to file a lawsuit. What if the government was your landlord, and your parents were your messy, unreliable, immature roommates? Your “landlord” made a lot of empty promises and schmoozed you into moving in with high hopes. Then after a month or so, when you started to get the hang of things, he began to find every opportunity possible to exploit you. If you paid your rent late, he fined you three times your rent. If you needed a repair, he took forever to come and take care of it, and when he finally did, he blamed you and charged a hefty fee for the replacement. If you had guests over, he had to know everything about them, so privacy didn’t really exist. You couldn’t paint or reupholster because you never really owned anything. Your food was cooked in his oven (which could have lead or carcinogens), your car is parked in his garage (where he isn’t responsible for any lost or stolen items), and your belongings, all that you own and love, are in a unit only he has access to. So if he were in some trouble with his drug dealer, he could stage a robbery or murder in your unit, and even if you know you’re innocent, he owns the keys, the security cameras, and any possible witnesses. Everyone in the building is trying to stay on his good side, so they’re willing to lie for him, and ultimately he has the ability to make you appear guilty without a shadow of a doubt.

Now your parents, or “roommates” mean well, but they’re sloppy and will get you caught up in their drama. They’re like a 5th year senior, with an extreme case of apathy. They’ve been in the game so long they’ve forgotten what it’s like to be free. Their world has shrunken to the size of a small Midwestern university, and they’re completely apathetic. They love to play the blame game – blaming advising for their crappy schedule, their sorority for being judgmental, the campus ministry for having Bible study on Friday nights, and even the Dean for not giving out more scholarship money. Their grades are sub-par, and they remember more about tonight’s episode of “Bad Girls Club” than what they’re studying in physics, or who they hooked up with last night. When you’re trying to study or better yourself, they’re flooding your ears with breakup drama, and your stomach with Little Caesar’s $5 Hot-N-Ready Pizza. And as if they’re not distracting enough, they also are only interested in talking about who you’re dating and when you’re having babies.

You didn’t really have a say in how your place was decorated because they already lived there, or the vibe or spiritual energy there because they had already chosen that. The thing is, the random roommate picker website said you’d be a good fit based on your hobbies and interests. But, that seems to be far from accurate. Initially, you guys had fun getting to know someone new, but as you started to develop different interests, you both kind of expected the other to tag along. They were kind of possessive, jealous, and slightly embarrassing, so you began to distance yourself. They helped you survive the loneliness and confusion of the first few weeks of school, and for that, you will be eternally grateful. However, you wanted to be cool, social, and have an epic college experience, so naturally, you ditched them.

anubis__godI get it; there is a sense of familial, governmental, political, religious, cultural, and national loyalty, but it’s time for people to wake up. We’ve been asleep for so, so long. We have to get real with ourselves and start to think about what actually makes us feel happy, healthy, wealthy, and loved. We have to remember that life is short, and we’ll all be dead soon. Who are you living for? What are you dedicating your life towards? Would things be different if you were born into an entirely different family, across the world, under completely different circumstances? If you died tomorrow, would there be balance? Have you contributed everything you were destined to, and earned a place back where life began? Would you be okay with how your life played out? If given the chance, would you do it all again?


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Lex has a BSBA in International Business and is an actress, activist, and entrepreneur. She is studying the art of alchemy and gives her take on various topics.

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