Poverty is a Mindset

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Today I decided to post an article I wrote last summer – before my re-awakening journey began. Most of it still stands to be true, and I am still finding myself. I’ve met quite a few people who confirm my theories on poverty, as they have been able to dig themselves out of it.

I met a guy that wanted a $1 million yacht and only had $50,000 cash. He then went to the casino and gambled until he could afford the boat. Now he’s no genius, he owns a lot of toys and properties and has a basic understanding of the Law of Attraction & the Law of Compensation. Once a person has obtained a substantial amount of money for adding immense value to the lives of others, it doesn’t seem very hard to stay wealthy. The problem is that in a Universe of duality & polarity, the only way to meet everyone’s needs is to shift the collective mindset. Have you ever known of someone who won the lottery or played professional sports and went broke a few years later? I’m sure we could all name a few. The collective mindset around money has not changed.

First, money is not a naturally occurring concept and should not exist. Money and trade were invented to create disparities in the distribution of resources. When you think about it, should we be required to pay for water? The Earth provides it for free, and the cost of cleaning it could come out of our taxes. The Ancient Egyptians invented free electricity and re-discovered by Nikola Telsa in the 19th century – so why do we still pay for it? I mean do we think the owners of McDonald’s eat McDonald’s? Or the owners of KMart wear KMart clothing and use KMart products? Is low-quality, factory mass-produced beef that most Americans eat helping us live longer, or is it making a profit for the insurance and healthcare industries?

poverty-mindset-3There is no such thing as “middle class.” The more we make, the more we spend – that’s how we’ve been taught. Without credit cards, layaway, or loans – the middle class wouldn’t exist. My mom got her master’s degree, but my dad only has a GED. They had two kids and brought in $100,000 a year jointly at the top of their careers. When I was applying for financial aid, Sallie Mae decided that my household averaged one bachelor’s degree per adult and $20,000 of discretionary income per child per year. I had trouble funding my college education because my parents were “too wealthy” to get assistance. My “broke” friends received much lower interest rates and qualified for more grants. I was forced to take the highest interest loan option. I stupidly followed through with my degree program, knowing I would only make $30,000 a year after I graduated. I knew this wasn’t my parent’s fault; they were victims of the same tyrannical system. Did you know the only debt that they don’t forgive in bankruptcy is student loan debt?

In the book “How Rich People Think” Steve Siebold states that “average people believe the road to riches is through formal education, while rich people feel the path is revelaed by acquiring specific knowledge.” Most of my elders have degrees, but there aren’t any entrepreneurs in my family. There are no business owners, no independent contractors, and no artists. Everyone is deep in the system, working day in and day out for an hourly wage. They’ve been educated through a manipulated lens, and teach the younger generations to follow suit. On my mom’s side, all my uncles and aunts have their Masters +30 or +40; some even have Ph.D.’s. However, they don’t have a Ph.D. in medicine or a mathematic or scientific field. They’re proponents of the education system because my grandmother was valued prestige and earning credentials. My mom’s siblings also couldn’t survive without societal structures like healthcare, hourly wage systems, have relatively unsuccessful kids, and are the most socially awkward people I know, individually and collectively. Through my experience, it doesn’t seem like graduating college is the end all.

However, dropouts like Bill Gates (Microsoft), Tai Lopez (Investor), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Jack Dorsey (Twitter), and Steve Jobs (Apple) seem to have done well for themselves. In a world where several college dropouts are worth billions, college is clearly not the route to wealth, but rather a loose correlation. There are more unsuccessful people that have graduated college. I wonder if a college graduate has ever used their degree to work for a salary, and become a billionaire?

The other day, my cousin realized he’d never be able to own a Ferrari if he continued following his degree path of working in corporate. He’d never be able to travel the world because he only gets two weeks vacation per year. If someone like my cousin works overtime, and doesn’t take a day off for years, shmoozes, and prioritizes his work over family, religion, health, or anything else, he climbs the corporate ladder, and eventually MIGHT reach 3rd or 4th in command for the company. It’s unlikely he’ll reach the top because he doesn’t have any family or wealthy mentors to vouch for him at the top. But that is extremely unlikely because who is that committed to their job? Most likely he’ll get up to about $150,000 around the time he retires and then uses his 401k to take a few resort-style vacations & live out his last ten years.

poverty-mindsetThis education and corporate 9 to 5 system just seems like a distraction to me. Most of the people who are so passionate about the system, earning degrees, having a secure job, aren’t benefitting on the back end. If a job is willing to pay you $60,000 a year straight out of college, how much do you think your efforts are worth? They’re paying to train you, provide a clean work environment, staff the facility, and lease the building

As they say, the best way to hide things is in plain sight. I’m sure earning credit, paying taxes, voting, watching reality television, eating GMO foods, and buying into dramatic storytelling from trusted news sources about issues that are irrelevant uses up all of our daily will power and energy. Just take a small-minded, religious person, that’s close to their unpowerful family, and values abiding by the law – then distract them with a system of hoops to jump through and unnecessary restrictions. Make sure they’re raised to fear the loss of job security. Feed their subconscious with all kinds of advertisements, propaganda, racially divisive media, and bad news about other countries. Add in the pressures of poverty, with culture-created stress, blind faith, and you’ve got modern day oppression. I bet you can get someone to give up their autonomy when they’re scared. They’ll live a life of ups and downs, without adding much value to the world, and then die leaving behind debt, and confused relatives. Their offspring and future generations will go through the same struggle, and the majority will suffer while the wealthy elite prevails. Business as usual.

In the book, Siebold also gives some other examples of how poverty is like a disease of the mind. For example, the self-talk of average people goes something like “I’m not enough,”I’m not good enough,” or “I can’t afford it.” A rich person’s self-talk goes “I am enough,”I’m good enough,”What shift do I need to make to be able to afford this?” I’ve heard my relatives talk about what they don’t have, what they don’t want, and who they don’t like my entire life. It would be abnormal to spend time around people that talk about what they’re in the process of creating, or what adjustments they’re making to achieve something greater.

To put it simply, poor people are outwardly humble and inwardly prideful, while rich people are outwardly prideful and inwardly humble. A broke person might sacrifice for their kids, eat ramen noodles for dinner, tithe their last $10 in church, and shop on clearance. A wealthy person might drive a Mercedes, eat lunch at a sushi bistro, and only buy designer brands. None of that has anything to do with humility or lack thereof.

A rich person has a flexible mindset and focuses more on innovation and creativity. They have found a way to attain enough resources to take care of themselves and their families so that they can spend more time and energy adding value to the world. A disadvantaged person has to spend all of their energy trying to survive by whatever means necessary, and as a result, adds little value. They can barely take care of themselves, so by having 3 or 4 children and divorcing their spouse, they’re using up resources they’re not replenishing, and making the world worse off.

That same rich person may own a business that employs 100 people, raise two children that become doctors, and spend more money on philanthropy each year than the poor person makes before taxes. The broke person may have four kids, live off of food stamps & child support, and drive a newish Mercedes, but they’re behind on the note. They will die in debt & leave nothing for their children. The rich person will pass down stock in multi-million-dollar companies and three homes.

poverty-mindet-2I know that was brutal, but this is a big problem in our society. The poor are blind, culturally divided, and exploited. We all know many people like the empoverished in the example, but not a single multi-millionaire. It’s embarrassing to come from poverty, and we all want to think that the efforts we’ve made throughout our lives amount to something. But if the people that guide you, the church you go to, the activities you try, and your entire subconscious program comes from poverty, how can you expect that to result in wealth without a major demolition?

I once read that it’s harder for a celebrity to become irrelevant than it is for them to get famous in the first place. And the bible says “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” You see how the game works? The system is structured this way. I realize that my parents and teachers probably didn’t know what they were doing. They meant well, but now I’ve got to undo what they did and build a better foundation.

At the end of the day, poverty is a mindset. It has to be held up, reinforced, and maintained. It’s a result of environmental stimuli and perceptions of past experiences. It’s a mindset that came from generations of holding certain beliefs. Plant the seed, and it just needs fertile soil, water, and sunlight to continue to grow. Success can’t be measured based on how much money someone makes, or whether they went to college. But by how happy they are, and their quality of life. Poverty and wealth are results of where people spend their energy. To break the cycle, we have to get to destroy it at the root and begin thinking for ourselves. We have to tear down every belief and learn to discern between good and bad information. The process is painful, but I know it will be rewarding in the end.


Being Married to A Black Man

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I wanted to share my story and I have a message, a message to the black man…Being married to a black man is like mountain climbing. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Everytime you reach a peak, you realize how many more you have to climb. Everytime you stop to take in the view, you start losing your footing. You hope to bring someone else to the top of the mountain with you one day, but then you remember how hard your journey was. And you try to live every moment like it’s your last because you both know how inherently dangerous mountain climbing is.

I got married to my high school sweetheart in St.Louis, MO back in 2014 – on the same weekend Michael Brown was killed. While on our honeymoon, we couldn’t help being distracted by the international coverage of the rioting in our hometown. And here we are in 2016, dealing with more unarmed black men being killed around the country – but this time, it hit me differently, even closer to home.

10603315_10201615999282286_6726187491506773894_nIn light of recent events I wanted to share what it’s like being married to a black man. To add some humanity to these “thugs” you see blasted across the news. To share why #BlackLivesMatter. And hopefully the next time you clinch your purse tight, follow someone around a store, pass on waiting for a black family’s table, or cross the street to avoid a “sketchy” black man, you’ll remember reading this.


  • My husband grew up in a home with a single mom and four boys
  • at one point after his parents divorced, he lived with his mom, 3 brothers, 2 aunts, grandma, and 4 cousins in a 3-bedroom house
  • he receives constant criticism on how he speaks, dresses, and interacts with people
  • he can never get his hair to cooperate, so he trims the edges, and wears it confidently with swag
  • he feels cornered easily, almost like an invisible force is applying too much pressure
  • every time he touches me, I feel a love and warmth I can’t describe 
  • he’s heard the “young black man in America talk” countless times
  • he’s been programming computers since he was 15 and has a degree in Computer Science
  • he can’t wear red or blue around most crowds, but he can wear red, white, and blue
  • when starting a new business, he never wants to be the face of it (in fear that people won’t want to do business with a black man)
  • he’s 21x more likely to be shot by a police officer than his white friends
  • brad-2when he passes a cop while driving, there’s a sense of fear of ending up like Philando Castile and other black men that lost their lives to our “justice” system
  • whenever he’s been pulled over: he rolls down the window, puts his hands on his wheels, and asks if he can move
  • he’s sensitive and never really expresses how he feels
  • due to that sensitivity he also always knows if something is bothering with me
  • he’s highly aware of what others are perceiving
  • he eats vegan and saves spider’s as I’m about to kill them
  • he thinks he’s superhuman, and tries to take on everyone else’s burdens – while disregarding his own
  • he has to respond to questions like “why can black people use the N-word but white people can’t” or “are big dick black men really a thing,” or “why are black people so rude” and “why are black people so loud”
  • he’s so strict with himself and kind of harsh, like he lives without privilege or 2nd chances
  • he is constantly reminded of the white people vs. black people conflict
  • he seems kind of angry at his family for not setting up a stable foundation for his future, but he also knows they’re victims too
  • there is an unspoken competition/jealousy between him and all his peers, probably because no one has ever really made it out of oppression
  • his family is verbally supportive, but no one seems to really believe in him
  • he’s very disciplined and always works hard
  • most of his energy is spent avoiding danger, problems, and being profiled – but he wishes he could spend it on helping people and building businesses
  • brad-famhis brother’s 8th grade teacher said she “didn’t know black boys could be so smart” (at a Lutheran school, his brother is now an Orthopedic surgeon)
  • he’s not very vocal about his love, but his actions represent true, unconditional, selfless  love
  • he’s always in survival mode and threat is everywhere
  • he’s super healthy, athletic, and loves the sun and nature
  • his presence overwhelms me and apparently everyone else in a room, as they always stare
  • he lets me have my way most of the time, but when he has an opinion on something, it’s law
  • he’s conscious of his movements, in an effort not to make anyone uncomfortable or scared of him
  • he loves his friends and family more than anything and is the most loyal person I’ve ever met
  • he’s completely self-reliant and has a big ego…i guess because the world’s never had his back
  • he’s always been a dreamer, but lives his life in a way that makes progress toward his dreams
  • his only weakness is his love for people, he’s sacrificed so much for people who wouldn’t sacrifice for him

A message to the black man… you are loved, you are important, and your journey inspires a strength for which there are no words.


Waking Up To Our Potential

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The Mayans predicted that Dec 21, 2012, would be the day we descended out of the “age of darkness.” Many people assumed this would be the day the world would end, doomsday, or the infamous “Armageddon.” However, here we are, February 2016, and planet Earth is still a dense, polluted, regenerating, overpopulated, ever evolving, habitat to billions of organisms – floating in a galaxy of 10s of billions of twinkling balls of heat. There are approximately 10 billion galaxies in the observable universe. The number of stars in each galaxy varies, but if there are on average, 100 billion stars per galaxy. That inadvertently means there are about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (or 1 billion trillion) stars in the foreseeable universe.

The Earth is the largest planet of four terrestrial planets in orbit in our Solar System. It is reportedly the only astronomical object that can “harbor life,” meaning everything else, as far as we can tell, is too hot, wet, dry, icy, inclimate, or weightless to keep us alive; this is according to scientists and university scholars. How arrogant of us measly little humans.

derealization-1I find it tough to believe that we’re the only form of life in the galaxy. Humans are not even capable of exploring the furthest depths of the oceans on our own planet (which happen to be greater than the mass of the Earth’s land). The Pacific Ocean alone is 165.25 million square kilometers while the Earth’s land mass is only 148.94 million square kilometers between all seven continents. So why would we make an assumption about outer space, a place so big it’s beyond comprehension? Math, science, and technology teach us FACTS, right? However, art, music and history are dead subjects that show us information about irrelevant, unrealistic, biased or outdated concepts and theories. To the far left-brained, analytical, 3D, there is nothing wrong with that. To the right-brained, creative thinker, it sounds foolish and limited. Creativity makes anything possible, and the imagination is necessary to bring anything into creation. Not everything has to be measurable, proven, or even logistically sound, to exist.

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“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Albert Einstein

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For example, everything from building the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, to doing kindergarten homework assignments requires creativity. Even the most extreme creative acts, like rape or mass murder, require imaginative ability. Creating offspring through the act of sexual reproduction is arguably the most creative thing we might do.

D7_Chakrasuring intimacy, the Belly Chakra or Sacral Chakra is activated. The Sacral Chakra is located 2 inches under the belly button. This same chakra can be activated during a Kundalini Meditation, session, which requires an extreme set of circumstances to achieve. I once experienced this type of mediation by accident when I was meditating with a specimen of Libyan Desert Glass and was interrupted by my brother-in-law who has terrible karma. I forgot to create a protective grid around the area in which I was meditating so it was penetrated. During the interruption, I experienced sleep paralysis and loud chanting inside my head. I believe it was a result of a kundalini experience, but it also could’ve been my brother’s bad energy attaching itself to me when I was at my most vulnerable, and in a meditative state.

We should be taught about these things in schools and by our loved ones. Learning to meditate properly and protect your energy and vibration, are arguably far more important than learning about how to write a cover letter correctly, or calculating the derivative of some crazy high number. We’ve gotten away from the days of using the position of the sun or astrology for math and science. We’re super disconnected from the Earth and each other. The days when we only focused on creativity, productivity and longevity are in the distant past. We’ve created systems that make things easier, less enjoyable and require more resources. People are fundamentally unhappy because they’ve been groomed to work in a system that wasn’t designed to benefit them individually. This system caps their ability to produce resources to promote the enjoyment of life. It disregards their definitions of happiness, health, wealth, beauty, and love. Hand-outs and taxation discourage people from reaching their full potential. The dream of security encourages conformity and avoiding risk taking at all costs. The seduction of being a part of a group, or “identity” promote mediocrity. People’s minds are about as expansive as my nostril. They are running old programs given to them by their families when they were children.

Generation after generation, people seem to get more complacent with where they’re at. My grandmother moved from Mississippi to be the first in her lineage to graduate college (not that I am supporting attending college, but that’s an entirely different subject). Not only did she earn several degrees, but she put 4 of her siblings and six children through college. One might expect that the children would raise her grandchildren to be epic, but that is not the case. Sure most of the grandchildren attended college, but generation after generation, the family seems to be getting worse off. By providing an education for her children, she removed the urgency they would’ve had to figure out what they wanted for their future. They just had to pick a curriculum to follow from a list of about 20 options. No one achieved their dreams, or even figured out what their dreams were, and there are still no entrepreneurs in the family. There was one. He cooked meth and printed money. I think he’s still at Leavenworth. Just like most Americans, they live for the weekend, hate their jobs, are overweight, camp out on Black Friday, shop 4th of July clearance sales, eat fast food, and have filed bankruptcy at least once. The point is, people need pressure to create diamonds.

To me, it seems like society has DEVOLVED, and we could learn a thing or two from the Egyptians.
Why are we taught that the pyramids were tombs, even though there were no bodies found. There are clear indications they served as some form of an aqueduct to provide free power & electricity to ancient civilizations? But hey, when you spend about 10 hours in all, of your entire primary and secondary education learning about them, that can easily be missed. Why are there over 5,000 years of civilized history, but our school systems focus on the short 300ish years of American history?

If the contract you have in life were comparable to that of a lease agreement, you’d have some serious questions. You may even be ready to file a lawsuit. What if the government was your landlord, and your parents were your messy, unreliable, immature roommates? Your “landlord” made a lot of empty promises and schmoozed you into moving in with high hopes. Then after a month or so, when you started to get the hang of things, he began to find every opportunity possible to exploit you. If you paid your rent late, he fined you three times your rent. If you needed a repair, he took forever to come and take care of it, and when he finally did, he blamed you and charged a hefty fee for the replacement. If you had guests over, he had to know everything about them, so privacy didn’t really exist. You couldn’t paint or reupholster because you never really owned anything. Your food was cooked in his oven (which could have lead or carcinogens), your car is parked in his garage (where he isn’t responsible for any lost or stolen items), and your belongings, all that you own and love, are in a unit only he has access to. So if he were in some trouble with his drug dealer, he could stage a robbery or murder in your unit, and even if you know you’re innocent, he owns the keys, the security cameras, and any possible witnesses. Everyone in the building is trying to stay on his good side, so they’re willing to lie for him, and ultimately he has the ability to make you appear guilty without a shadow of a doubt.

Now your parents, or “roommates” mean well, but they’re sloppy and will get you caught up in their drama. They’re like a 5th year senior, with an extreme case of apathy. They’ve been in the game so long they’ve forgotten what it’s like to be free. Their world has shrunken to the size of a small Midwestern university, and they’re completely apathetic. They love to play the blame game – blaming advising for their crappy schedule, their sorority for being judgmental, the campus ministry for having Bible study on Friday nights, and even the Dean for not giving out more scholarship money. Their grades are sub-par, and they remember more about tonight’s episode of “Bad Girls Club” than what they’re studying in physics, or who they hooked up with last night. When you’re trying to study or better yourself, they’re flooding your ears with breakup drama, and your stomach with Little Caesar’s $5 Hot-N-Ready Pizza. And as if they’re not distracting enough, they also are only interested in talking about who you’re dating and when you’re having babies.

You didn’t really have a say in how your place was decorated because they already lived there, or the vibe or spiritual energy there because they had already chosen that. The thing is, the random roommate picker website said you’d be a good fit based on your hobbies and interests. But, that seems to be far from accurate. Initially, you guys had fun getting to know someone new, but as you started to develop different interests, you both kind of expected the other to tag along. They were kind of possessive, jealous, and slightly embarrassing, so you began to distance yourself. They helped you survive the loneliness and confusion of the first few weeks of school, and for that, you will be eternally grateful. However, you wanted to be cool, social, and have an epic college experience, so naturally, you ditched them.

anubis__godI get it; there is a sense of familial, governmental, political, religious, cultural, and national loyalty, but it’s time for people to wake up. We’ve been asleep for so, so long. We have to get real with ourselves and start to think about what actually makes us feel happy, healthy, wealthy, and loved. We have to remember that life is short, and we’ll all be dead soon. Who are you living for? What are you dedicating your life towards? Would things be different if you were born into an entirely different family, across the world, under completely different circumstances? If you died tomorrow, would there be balance? Have you contributed everything you were destined to, and earned a place back where life began? Would you be okay with how your life played out? If given the chance, would you do it all again?


How to Get to 5th Dimensional Reality

There’s a lot of talk about “5D Earth” and how the Age of Aquarius will allow us to enter the 5th dimension, but not much explaining the process. Below I’ve given an in-depth synopsis of how to transition to greater spirituality. Let’s go over the first 4 dimensions of consciousness so you might have a meta-view of how complex our world really is.

1st-dimensional consciousness is still. The level of consciousness that resonates in this dimension is the “Mineral” Kingdom. We are presently residing in 3rd Dimensional consciousness and our current science has not proven that 1st-dimensional minerals are conscious beings. Curiously, healers and shaman have been using crystals as healing tools for centuries. Based on my personal experience with crystals, I believe there is consciousness at the mineral level – however subtle.

ladybugsIn humans, the first dimension is a portion of our bodies representing minerals, water, and genetic codes that are the foundation of our physical forms. If we were to access this level of our unconscious, we could connect with the individual molecules in our environment. This level is the gateway between the microcosm and the macrocosm.

2nd-dimensional consciousness is flat. The consciousness that resonates to this dimension is that of the Plant and Animal Kingdoms. This level does not possess self-awareness. These beings are only conscious of their species, and survival needs like feeding, fighting, and procreation. They live solely “in the moment” and based on survival of the fittest.

Human second-dimensional consciousness serves to direct the lower brain, autonomic nervous system, and to regulate life support functions. Our five physical senses resonate in the 3rd dimension, and these functions are an unconscious component of ourselves.

Unlike “civilized” humans,“primitive” peoples are much more aware of their “animal instincts” and how they are part of a greater whole – with respect for all life forms and the balance of Nature.

3rd-dimensional consciousness contains length, height, width, depth, and volume. The consciousness of this dimension resonates to the higher Animal and Human Kingdoms. It has all the elements of the 1st and 2nd-dimensional beings including water, minerals, genetic coding, biological matter, awareness of species, survival functions, as well as an individual soul. The individual Soul distinguishes humans from the others in the Animal Kingdom who have a group Soul.

3rd-dimensional consciousness is trapped in a time/space and cause/effect paradigm. This dimension and 3d Earth is a “school” which our Souls attend by inhabiting humanoid physical bodies to gain more information about creation. Life mirrors what we are seeking to understand, and creation occurs via our thoughts and feelings. Manifestation is slowed down in order to track the circumstances of what we hold in our consciousness through the experience.

As wmultidimensional-beinge progress through life, we go from powerless to independent. We begin to understand our personal power, gain responsibility, self-confidence, and learn to trust ourselves. As we gain trust and respect for ourselves, we become confident and self-reliant. Then we can become responsible for others. This is the progression of life in the 3rd dimension which typically coincides with age in this time/space reality. A dysfunctional family is created when we become parents (responsible for others) before we have completely exited the dependent stage. We end up with several generations living as dependents, and no one with the self-confidence to be responsible for others.

The conundrum of the 3rd dimension is that society and science programs us to believe the only reality that exists is the one we perceive with our 5 physical senses. This dimension only contains length, height, width, depth, and volume. However, because we have an individual Soul, the ability to remember the past & perceive the future, AND simultaneously we can remain aware of the present – we tend to use our 3rd-dimensional reality to advance ourselves and question “what more is out there?”

The trap at this state of consciousness is that the spirit congeals into matter, and consciousness is limited to the individual ego. The development of a strong sense of ego is gained, at the cost of losing our sense of group identity. We often trade our sense of group identity for a strong sense of ego. Awareness of our Spiritual Self, I don’t mean through religion, is remembered when we expand our consciousness to encompass higher dimensions. If we release our dependency on others and forgive those who made us powerless victims, we ascend to higher dimensions where we are aware that we alone create our reality. Our early 3rd dimensional “unconscious” self-sabotage, no longer takes place. Our consciousness expands from individual consciousness to group > community > national > collective > planetary > and ultimately galactic consciousness. To reach the 4th dimension, we must eliminate all fear and negativity. The most important areas to master are love, oneness, forgiveness, and gratitude.


immortal4th-dimensional consciousness contains everything from the lower dimensions, our astral self, and the realm of dreams. The fourth dimension is also known as the Astral Plane, where our “higher” selves or OverSouls reside. This plane is etheric and our perception of past, present, and future is more fluid; known as the realm of telepathy, psychic ability, imagination, intuition, magic, dreaming, and creativity. At this level, we reintegrate our individual identity into the group as it is the last vibration where physical vessels contain individual consciousness. It is the realm of the “shape-shifters” in mythology. Many shaman can actually ground their astral form upon the 3rd dimension to temporarily change form. As the 4th dimension is not restricted by time or space, we can dream of an entire lifetime and wake up to find that only fifteen minutes of physical time has passed.

The fourth dimension holds awareness of our body’s 1st & 2nd-dimensional components, as well as all our past third dimensional lives. Other than conquering fear & negativity, we can expedite the process to achieving 4th-dimensional reality by meditating, remembering our dreams, and having intense experiences of passion, creativity, emotion, empathy, or spirituality.

Technically, while sleeping we are unconscious in the 3rd dimension and conscious in the 4th dimension.  If born with an innate connection to the 4th-dimension, we must “work” to ground our consciousness in the 3rd-dimensional world, no matter how confusing or hostile. Those born without this 4D connection may not even believe in the “higher self” and are inadvertently cut off from experiencing greater realities.

Our higher astral self can give us guidance through expanded perception, but the 4th dimension still has the polarity of light and dark. In the 4th dimension, thought and feelings create reality much more quickly than in the 3rd dimension. It is dangerous to have any lingering fears in this realm, as it will create evil as easily and quickly as love creates joy.

4D Subplanes

The Lower Astral Plane

body-1This is where all the fear and negativity are projected from the 3D physical plane. Known as “Hell” by many religious sects, this is the true darkness. Put simply, 4th-dimensional consciousness amplifies 3rd-dimensional emotions. If you are living a poor existence in the 3rd-dimension, you are likely experiencing Hell in 4D, and a path must be forged to higher astral planes.

The Middle 4th-Dimension

Also known as the Land of Faery, this realm is the pathway through the fear and darkness of the Lower Astral Plane. After we have experienced Faery, we can travel in our 4D or astral bodies to the Emotional Plane, and learn to master our emotions. We can also travel into the Mental Plane and learn mastery of our thoughts. The Causal Plane, or Higher Mental Plane, is where we master the Law of Cause and Effect. Finally, the Spiritual Plane connects us to higher guidance, God, Source, and the Great I AM. I have listed the subplanes below from highest to lowest:

SPIRITUAL (CAUSAL): Master the Law of Cause and Effect & Spiritual Guidance
MENTAL: Mastery over our thoughts
EMOTIONAL (ASTRAL): Mastery over our emotions
LAND OF FAERY: Pathway out of Lower Astral; mixes emotional, mental, & causal
LOWER ASTRAL: Mastery over fear and negativity

ETHERIC: interface between 3D & 4D

The Etheric Body is a vibration between the third and fourth dimension. This body encompasses the physical body.

4th-Dimensional Bodies


All the 4th-dimensional bodies exist over, under, around, through, above, and below the physical body, but are not seen with the 5 physical senses. If we learn to perceive the 4th dimension consciously, we can expand our awareness enough to enter the Superconscious Mind of the 5th dimension.

Fearful emotions make for a tumultuous and uncomfortable ride. Higher planes will remain out of reach if our personal imbalances are not corrected. To journey through higher planes we must keep our thoughts harmonious and our feelings centered around love, an infinite source of balance. We are only at the beginning of our journey my friends. In the next article, I will explain the importance of reahcing the 5th dimension.

Manifestation Definition and How I Became An Expert

Manifestation Definition Throughout History

All this “New  Thought” terminology can be intimidating and overwhelming. However, much of these “New Thoughts” date back to ancient beliefs and ideologies. All of the major world religions have a similar manifestation definition. According to mythology, the Egyptian gods (Anubis, Osiris, etc) were manifest on the Earth. Christians believe Christ was a divine manifestation of God. Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, and Muslims all have some sort of religious practice that involves manifestation.

So what is it exactly?
tut-exhibit-princess-head-tut_46-528x794The act of manifesting or disclosing, is an exhibition, a display or revelation of God’s power in creation. You may hear many people talking about manifesting money, manifesting a new job opportunity, a vacation, or a relationship. You can pretty much manifest anything you can conceive. The trick is that you can only manifest as much as you can imagine and comprehend.

As a child, I was particularly good at manifesting, but I didn’t consciously know what I was doing. When I was 2, I wanted to go to visit Cinderella at Disney World and used potty training as leverage. On the playground, I would make up elaborate stories about putting sand into soda cans to make Kool-Aid and offer buttons (and other trash I found) as protection against bad guys in exchange for snacks and toys I wanted. When I was 8, I manifested becoming the youngest dancer on pointe, and the star of my dance studio – getting all the solos & duets with my parents. When I was 10, I wanted to star in one of the shows at the largest outdoor theater in America; not only did I manifest that, but I got paid to do it. When I was 12, I had the opportunity to perform on Broadway but my parents couldn’t afford it. I started a business and made 10x the money I needed for my trip. As a sophomore in high school, though I’d never played sports, I manifested becoming the fastest girl on the Varsity track team. When it came time for college, I wanted to attend the same school as my high school sweetheart, but my parents couldn’t afford it so I manifested like 12 scholarships even though my grades weren’t epic. Halfway through college, I decided I wanted to graduate early but I had transferred 3 times and changed my major. I was able to manifest the finances to take 2 semesters abroad (during the summer & winter), transfer an entire year worth of credits, and graduate early.

The Infamous Wedding

I set the intention to marry my high school sweetheart when I was 15, and 7 years later we got married. I had decided I wanted to profit off of our wedding rather than go into debt, so we hired our staff from Craigslist and rented a park pavilion for like $50. My dress was from Free People and my uncle was the officiant. We invited 250 people, rented tables from a warehouse to put overflow in the parking lot, hired a DJ we’d never met, and made friends with the owner of an “All-You-Can-Eat” Taco Truck. Three news stations were supposed to cover our wedding so we didn’t have to hire a photographer, we made our own decorations, and our honeymoon was a low-budget backpacking trip across Costa Rica. Our theme was a wedding “fiesta-picnic” because we love Latin everything, and were having it in a park pavilion. Our aisle was drawn in chalk, we had popcorn & cotton candy, and there were 22 people in our bridal party. There was no dress code, no seating arrangements, we didn’t ask for gifts (though we did have a donations basket), and everyone’s kids were welcome. The only problem was it was scheduled to thunderstorm for the entire day of our wedding and the Ferguson riots gave news stations a more dramatic story to cover.

wedding_article_picMiraculously the rain cleared and the sun came out at 4:45pm, about 15 minutes before the ceremony. Everyone ate, we made a ton of money, the bartender got everyone drunk, the DJ played the most epic mix of Latin/Old School R&B/Hip Hop, and a friend’s dad became our photographer. The storms picked back up around 8:30pm when the old folks started getting tired and everyone was already wasted. It was a big party and the best wedding many people had ever attended.

I had always intended to be an actress but my husband was really conservative, so I resolved to leave acting behind. Without giving it much attention, I found myself a professional actress living in Hollywood and happily married to my high school sweetheart shortly thereafter. I had worked with Brian Cranston, Tia Mowry, Columbus Short, and Mindy Kaling on some of the biggest shows – I’d even appeared in Straight Outta Compton. Dreams really do come true, if you let them.

How I Became An Expert At Manifesting

I really became an expert at manifesting as a child, but it wasn’t until my spiritual awakening that I began to understand exactly what I was doing. Prior to daily meditation and recording my tasks & actions, it was hard to understand the method to my madness. My manifestation definition had been, “manipulate and obsess over something until you get it.” There are several instances I can name where I failed miserably, but any failure to manifest exactly what I wanted was either because my vision lacked specificity or I didn’t believe in myself. Upon embarking on my journey to self-realization and becoming more enlightened, I learned that life on Earth is like a holographic video game. Our actions are manifestations of our thoughts, making thoughts more powerful than actions. If I had doubts about my abilities, it was a choice I made based on my past experiences. If I wanted to manifest something that my experiences hadn’t set me up to achieve, I usually didn’t believe in my ability to achieve it – and failed. The international bestselling “Success Diary” and Peter Drucker’s handbook on “Managing Oneself” are both tools I used to track my ability to conceive a goal. Eventually, I could even sense & predict the incubation period before I achieved my goal.

The two most important things I learned about manifesting exactly what we want are that:

  1. We have to be able to imagine & believe we are capable of achieving what we want
  2. Elimination of distractions & detours speeds up manifestations

We can also gauge how quickly we will be able to manifest something by how “ready” we feel for the task & responsibility we seek. If you want to learn the art of Instant Manifestation and how to manifest things very quickly, you should read part 2 of this article.


Deprogramming and Depersonalization Cure / Derealization Cure

There are tons of people researching Deprogramming or searching for a Depersonalization Cure / Derealization Cure. I firmly believe anxiety – as well as stress, and other illnesses created through our perception – are the physical manifestation of something far more spiritual, and other-worldly. If you’ve found this article, you’re well into your journey toward ascension and enlightenment. I’d like to present a theory and personal case study that might answer some of your most pressing questions. Try to have an objective, open-minded opinion – as this is a very esoteric, high level, yet important concept.

The Holy Trinity

In the beginning of your ascension journey toward greater spirituality, things are very simple. You may experience light-headedness, spaciness, flightiness, anxiety, getting sudden migraines, over thinking everything, or even getting goosebumps while having enlightening conversations or listening to powerful music (I got them when listening to Bob Marley & Michael Jackson).

This makes sense becderealization-2ause we see a “holy trinity” across many religions and belief systems. Once we get over the idea that this 3D reality is all there is, we open ourselves to a greater power. The power that Jesus tried to impress upon us, is equally available and abundant in every corner of the Earth. In Christianity, you have a trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy spirit. In traditional science, you have the Body, Mind, and Soul. In Psychology: the Id, Ego, and SuperEgo. In New Thought you have the Conscious, Sub-Conscious, and the Superconscious or OverSoul. No matter how you look at it, there are always three aspects. First, we have the Over Soul which represents divine essence & reminds us who we are. Secondly, our Masculine Self represents the mind, the conscious mind, logic, reason, the 5 senses, and physical 3D reality. Last, our Feminine Self represents the higher faculties, the heart, empathic intelligence, general sense of knowing subconscious, creativity, imagination, and our intuition.

When we start to wake up, our “reality” begins to shift and I can totally understand how people get strung out and ruin their lives if they don’t have a clear goal in their ascension. Mass unconsciousness is the most dangerous, life threatening disease we face today. We walk around with a power beyond our own comprehension, and spend most of our lives unaware of it. Luckily we’ve been gifted with meditation techniques and herbal substances that work as deprogrammers. My favorites are these Caramel Apple PopsCookies and Cream Chocolate Bar, and Strawberry Sour Belts (you don’t need a med card to order edibles).

Getting “Too High”

Herbal “drugs” (Marijuana, DMT, Psilocybin Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, Peyote, etc) are heavily abused in my opinion. I would suppose ancient shamans knew their power and only used them for their ascension abilities. I can imagine how people that are unprepared for this massive frequency shift caused by these herbs go “crazy.” I’ve experienced this sort of altered state of consciousness after having an edible, and it’s brutal. If you’re “unconscious” when experiencing this, you may create unwanted suffering in your life through your subconscious beliefs and actions.

Have you ever seen someone that was “too high” starting saying crazy things about dying, or killing other people? Then called an ambulance, just to be told they were having a panic attack or anxiety? What they’re going through is called Derealization or Depersonalization. It is very common, and 10,000 people search about it every month on Google.

The process goes something like this: the individual begins to drift and appear to slow down. The world starts to feel very mechanical, almost like they’re in a dream or watching a youtube video of themselves through their eyes. Their short term memory is shot, and everything feels like a fog where they’re questioning everything – almost to the point of paranoia. Then they begin to feel drowsy and completely out of it. They may experience lack of coordination and want to lay down. Eventually they start talking about feeling like they’re going to die, and maybe even killing others or themselves. They then either pass out or go into a frozen psychosis where they stare at things for long periods of time or freeze mid-action, rambling and their heart is racing. You may feel the urge to call the paramedics or cops – understandably because the person is in a dream-like state. Their vessel (body) is operating solely on subconscious programming, without the ability to judge good over bad. They no longer are able to control or discern their actions.

Some symptoms of Depersonalization or Derealization are:

  • feeling disembodied
  • divorced from oneselfSpiritual revival
  • feeling like there are people around you but you can’t see them
  • feeling apart from everything, unattached, dead, or ascended
  • feeling puppet-like or robot-like, a spectator, not fully in control
  • feeling two dimensional or like you’re made of cotton-wool
  • having mechanical or robotic actions
  • witnessing ones own actions as if in a film or on a TV program
  • not doing one’s own thinking or feeling responsible for what your own actions
  • feeling like you’re avoiding death every second

Deprogramming Without Becoming A “Pothead”

You may see these symptoms in people that have panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD, or PTSD – which are usually treated with sensory numbing medications in modern medicine. Depersonalization affects the perception of oneself, and derealization is a perceived environmental shift where the world feels unreal and unfamiliar. This unfamiliarity is caused by a change in the way our senses perceive our surroundings.

Mentally, what’s happening is that the brain is having it’s first “break down.” Most people don’t know how to deal with this. It may not seem like a big deal, but sometimes the mind tries to cope with it by setting the body on “auto pilot.” Without the proper information, or a high enough frequency & vibration to understand this process – herbal deprogrammers become very dangerous.

bob-marley-herbI’m sure you’ve come across “potheads” that have found a certain level of comfort in doing nothing. They appear to have found a sort of enlightenment and peacefulness in living a simplistic life. Quite the contrary, they have actually reduced the motivation to seek true enlightenment and made it almost impossible to progress in terms of self-actualization. They have created an insidious, extremely harmful, illusory reality – and can be seen as effectively brain damaged. The use of a deprogrammer in massive quantities – prior to understanding it’s ethereal purpose – can be detrimental.

I personally believe this “too high” psychosis has very little to do with the amount of weed you consumed. It has more to do with your vibe/frequency and any other state altering substances in your system at the time. This psychedelic state is meant solely for the purpose of ascension and greater understanding, and should be used accordingly. As I’ve grown in my spirituality, I’ve found that cannabis has allowed me to communicate with the Earth in a higher dimension. I experienced what it was like to be a piece of an oversoul, and completely detached from the outcomes of this physical 3D existence – a truly eternal being. It has helped me develop a meta view of how the world works and the ‘lila’ we’re all a part of.

Breaking Down Strong Ideologies

Once you break down the mental prison of strong ideologies (religion, nationality, politics, etc) you’ll very soon understand that we are far from alone in this universe. I’m sure you’ve heard that the Earth is a school where we have contracts to complete certain tasks and gather information. We must master ourselves to complete the Earth school, and balance human/physical as well as ET/metaphysical aspects of ourselves. The more we master ourselves, the more powerful we become. It’s like a game… like The Sims. We program ourselves to survive based on what we observe in our environments, and then work to regain spiritual competency, balancing the physical and the metaphysical. As we ascend, we gain courage and fearlessness in our self-exploration – which perpetuates further ascension.derealization-1

We must look at this experience like a kundalini meditation of sorts. Kundalini energy gives access to a new dimension of thoughtless awareness which allows us to push aside obstructions hindering our ascent – like permanent deprogramming. Those obstructions can be anything from perceived stress in a relationship to self-doubt or irrational insecurities. Many people complain that they no longer feel “normal” after a Derealization, Depersonalization, or Kundalini experience. But we need to shift our way of looking at this. Remember, Francis Crick,  father of modern genetics, was under the influence of LSD (not that I advise doing shrooms) when he deduced the double-helix structure of DNA 50 years ago and won the Nobel Prize-winning.

There is no Depersonalization Cure or Derealization Cure because this isn’t an illness. I am firmly opposed to treating these experiences with prescription medication. My personal opinion is that our school systems should be teaching meditation and self-mastery techniques. An appropriate remedy would be to learn spiritual hygiene, study our ethereal origins, embrace creativity, and to learn to meditate & quiet the mind. To feel “normal” would require nothing to have changed, and the obstructions to remain, keeping us grounded in the lower realms. These experiences are to help us with our ascension and shift our view of reality. We’re always in control, and just expanding our meta view of this Earthly experience. We need to adjust our beliefs to support our ascension and remember we’re of a singular divine source with infinite power and potential. We’re never alone, always expanding, and made of pure love.

“Truth is stranger than fiction.” – Mark Twain

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or trained medical professional. I am not making any recommendations or prescriptions whatsoever. This is simply a recollection of my experience so that it may offer some refuge for those seeking answers on their spiritual journey.

How To: Wake Up Everybody

It’s time to wake up everybody! Mass unconsciousness is a real thing. It’s a dangerous thing. We’re drowning in a sea of distractions and it’s because many people are in a position of ignorance and subservience from birth. The lack of awareness around tools being used to manipulate us is actually getting pretty dangerous. We’re the only country in the world with citizens will to fight wars they know nothing about and accept handouts without considering the “cost” to society. From the pesticides on our food, to the GMOS in our food, to chemtrails, fluoride in our toothpaste, fluorescent lighting in elementary schools, prescription medications, fast food, pollution, aggressive marketing, and forced education – we barely get a chance to live on our own terms. Our shower water, swimming pool water, gardening water, and even our drinking water are altered & enhanced.

Sleeping Through A Revolution

“When Rip Van Winkle went up into the mountain, the sign had a picture of King George III of England. When he came down 20 years later the sign had a picture of George Washington, the first president of the United States. When Rip Van Winkle looked up at the picture of George Washington—and looking at the picture he was amazed—he was completely lost. He knew not who he was.

And this reveals to us that the most striking thing about the story of Rip Van Winkle is not merely that Rip slept 20 years, but that he slept through a REVOLUTION. While he was peacefully snoring up in the mountain a revolution was taking place that at points would change the course of history—and Rip knew nothing about it. He was asleep. Yes, he slept through a revolution. And one of the great liabilities of life is that all too many people find themselves living amid a great period of social change, and yet they fail to develop the new attitudes, the new mental responses, that the new situation demands. They end up sleeping through a revolution.

mlk_marchThere can be no gainsaying of the fact that a great revolution is taking place in the world today. In a sense it is a triple revolution: that is, a technological revolution, with the impact of automation and cybernation; then there is a revolution in weaponry, with the emergence of atomic and nuclear weapons of warfare; then there is a human rights revolution, with the freedom explosion that is taking place all over the world. Yes, we do live in a period where changes are taking place. And there is still the voice crying through the vista of time saying, “Behold, I make all things new; former things are passed away.” – Remaining Awake Through A Great Revolution, Martin Luther King Jr. (Delivered at the National Cathedral, Washington, D.C., on 31 March 1968)

This is an excerpt from one of the most epic speeches of all time. It took place in 1968 and the “great revolution” Dr.King speaks of is still taking place today. Have you ever made a goal for where you want to be 5 years in the future, and when that 5 year mark rolls around, you find yourself in nearly the same position? Or said to yourself “I will never be like my father,” and found yourself married to a guy just like him?

The point of this article is not to focus on the problems, however many there may be. It’s to offer an alternative to a seemingly solution-less problem. The key to waking up, and experiencing a sense of renewed freedom is to face the reality of the situation and learn to manage yourself, set proper goals, learn to use auto-suggestion effectively, and change your habits. If you’re reading this, congratulations you’re well on your way. Follow these 10 steps and you will gain true freedom.


1 ) Learn to Manage Oneself

The first thing I did was simplify my life. I began tracking my eating, spending, sleeping, drinking, indulging, judging others, and even bitching. I got a journal where I would write a daily gratitude list, long-term goals, and daily tasks list. Then I could see how many tasks I failed to complete, and reasonably assume I wouldn’t complete all my goals either at that rate. As Peter Drucker stated in one of the greatest books you could ever read called Managing Oneself, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” By the way, you should read Managing Oneself. It’s the shortest book I’ve ever read and it expedited the process of reclaiming my power and waking up to my potential.

2) Treat the Earth Like A Living Organism


mother_nature_2_We’re taught when we’re very young that matter cannot be created or destroyed. Thus, the Earth nourishes us and when we die, we nourish her. We’re all part of the great food chain – the circle of life. Our bodies are made of 60-75% water and yet we still throw toxins in our oceans. Many nations have been known to profit off of the enslavement of others – both physical and mental slavery. Someone may have lost a limb or a family member for the coltan in your cell phone or diamond on your finger. If we begin to look at everything IN RELATION TO everything else, we see that we’re all connected. We have to remove the artificial distance we’ve created with languages, religions, political parties, and learn to love each other. We have to get back to our roots and oneness with nature and our environment.

3) Look People In Their Eyes

This was a tough one for me, especially being a tech savvy millennial. Technology, with all it’s wonderful benefits, has afforded us the opportunity to remove humanity from dealings with one another. I would never talk to people on the phone, or in person unless we were working together. The Trader Joe’s employees would drive me nuts, and I knew some of my favorite Orange is the New Black characters better than my neighbors and classmates. During this transformational period, I began looking people in their eyes. I tried to hold space for their highest good and potential. I viewed them like a soul – Instead of judging the outward manifestation of that soul’s environment & beliefs. I listened to what they said with my heart. This took some practice, but when I started getting really good at it – my art began to illuminate life in so many new and exciting ways.

4) Treat Your Body Like a New Car

body-2Would you put trash in your brand new car? Would you let someone use hot glue on the leather seats or pour acid on the center console? I stopped eating fast food and anything that wasn’t serving my body really, and I’m so grateful. Most people think of vegan as a label, but for me it’s more of a lifestyle. I know so many vegans that live off of candy, pre-packaged foods, and chemical cheese substitutes. I choose to eat only things that make be feel wonderful – whether that means tasting a culture’s traditional meat when traveling or eating raw vegetables, I’m down. Companies are profiting off of selling us crappy foods, and then selling us medications to combat the crap food we eat. They’re using chemicals to make us addicted to these foods and subconscious marketing tactics to get us to depend on their products. It’s a vicious cycle and should really be illegal, but instead, they make natural herbs illegal. The capitalistic interest here is not in prolonging our lives, but in profit. The best way around this is if it’s not organic or clearly nutritious (NO fruit flavored) just don’t eat it.

5) Master Entrepreneurship & Beat Capitalism

I’m not saying you have to become insanely rich. But I’ve learned something VERY important that shouldn’t be disregarded: If you’re living in the US, you need to become your own boss. I’ve had many friends that got fed up with this tyrannical system of mental enslavement, and expatted to live a better life somewhere tropical. However, by doing so they reduced their ability to save or impact others. The interesting thing about being born in the United States today, is that an average citizen has the ability to affect change in the world. This opportunity has never been afforded, let alone to a nation so young, in the history of the world. Capitalism is where the major conscious shift will begin.

body-1The Book of Eli starring Denzel Washington, was set in a post-apocolyptic modern-day world. Life was very much kill, or be killed in a dog eat dog, every man for himself, ruthless society with unimaginable pain and suffering. Cannabalism, rape, and other atrocities facing the 3rd world today were right here at home. Americans went to the movies, got their popcorn, cheered after the credits, raved in their reviews, and went on with their cushy lives. The only problem is that the movie wasn’t completely outside the realm of possibilities and had a very important message for us. Life could be like that if we don’t begin to operate as autonomous, independently thinking entrepreneurs.

In 2012 President Obama signed Executive Order 13603 which enables the government to seize all agriculture with respect to food resources, all forms of energy, all health resources, all forms of civil transportation, all water resources, all construction materials, and allows the head of any federal agency to conscript “persons of outstanding experience and ability without compensation,” in both “peacetime and times of national emergency” – basically legalizing slavery. If you don’t become an entrepreneur, you’ll work for one and when things go South, you and your family will suffer while they charter the first flight out of here.

6) Question Strong Ideologies

I knmother-nature-1ow quite a few people that would die for their religion, political party, their country, or their relatives. This speaks to their loyalty and courage, and I have immense respect for those people. However, I found it very beneficial to get to the roots of all the strong ideologies I held. When I did, I discovered the beliefs supporting my ideologies were given to me by meaning elders and society – and in fact not my own. I was willing to die for something someone else had suggested.

7) Question Education

There are many tech entrepreneurs that never graduated high school yet there’s been a big debate over whether a college education is necessary to succeed. I know many people over the age of 40 who swear by our education system, even though it’s known to be the biggest scam in America. Universities are not what they once were and I would advise anyone attending or considering a University education to do some research before taking those loans. I personally earned a bachelors and it’s sitting in a box somewhere. I don’t use it or intend to use it because I don’t find working 40 hours a week for someone else’s dream and a measly living, fulfilling. I attended school in Germany for 1 semester for FREE, and the American institution I earned my degree from charged me full tuition to transfer my German credits. I’ve learned more from $20 books written by people who have actually become successful, than any institution I’ve attended. Click Here for one of the greatest resources you can use for deprogramming.

8) Learn to Use Auto-Suggestion & Social Media Properly

The ability to use auto-suggestion is one of the greatest tools in our belt. It requires us to monitor our thoughts carefully, only letting the fruits of our labor through the gates. Have you ever just had a random song playing in your head all day? Or heard your mother’s voice telling you about eating or avoiding certain foods? These are both auto-suggestive messages being played & replayed in your brain. The idea here is that we create a tape and posters to go all around the house that remind us of what we truly believe. I have messages like “My spouse is simply amazing,” “I make $50,000 a day,” and “I am enough in the presence of my creation” written on my bathroom mirror. I also have a calm, soothing recording of my voice repeating things like “You are an A-List actress. You have saved the lives of millions in the Congo.” – which I listen to daily. I’ve downloaded tons of motivational audio books on wealth, success, gratitude, and spirituality – that I play when I’m hiking, walking the dogs, cooking, etc.

social-mediaThe crazy thing about auto-suggestion is that it’s being used on you whether you’re aware of it or not. All these big retailers use it on us everyday. The entire medical/pharmaceutical industry, entertainment industry, educational industry, agricultural industry, political industry, and insurance industry operate on fear tactics and subconscious programming techniques (like manipulating auras & adding addictive chemicals to what we put in our bodies). From the commercials playing between songs on Pandora or Youtube, to ads playing on your favorite shows, to billboards, to product packaging, to automated phone calls, to emails, to credit card company ads, to the ads on the backs of receipts – it’s unavoidable. Advertising messages are going into your subconscious and programming you to shop, act, believe, learn, eat, and think a certain way. If you surround yourself with a lot of successful people, you’re less susceptible to becoming “brainwashed” by these techniques. However, to become successful, it’s even more important that you’re using auto-suggestion to your benefit. Mastering this technique takes some time but you will see major shifts within a few months.

Social media has become one of the greatest auto-suggestive methods. I found myself sort of “addicted” to Facebook in the sense that I’d plan to get off and then spend 2 more hours scrolling peoples timelines. It’s a beautiful tool to connect people and maintain relationships across the world. But now it’s easier than ever for retailers to target their products at us, and to force-feed ads, commercials, campaigns, etc down our throats. I’ve noticed how differently the wealthy people I surround myself with treat their social media. Normal people spend 20% of their time posting and 80% of their time looking at what others post. Successful people spend 80% of their time (or more) posting, and 10-20% of their time looking at what others post. If someone you follow – stranger, friend, or family – isn’t someone you want to be like, don’t look at their posts. Social Media should ONLY be used to communicate with your audience and to further the exposure of your brand.

9) Stop All Negativity

Stop judging, stop complaining, stop worrying, stop gossiping, stop fearing, and start living. If there’s anything I’ve learned from the wealthy people I’ve been around, it’s that negativity = poverty. Wealth and negativity cannot coexist for long, and an attitude of gratitude is the best approach to waking up.

10) Have a 100 year Goal

pop_starThis may seem a little unconventional because you’re probably thinking “I’m 35 – there’s no way I’m living to be 135!” In Grant Cardone’s sales university, he teaches how it’s important to have a goal you can’t achieve in one lifetime. This makes us extend ourselves outside our comfort zone, and have something to offer future generations. I discovered my personal 100 year goal of saving the Democratic Republic of Congo during this massive expansion period of my life. It’s become a mission so much bigger than myself, and fuels many of my best decisions to this day.

I might make a video about this topic at a later date. The things I’ve addressed here may seem simple, but let me not be mistaken, it took several years to make these changes. I’d advise taking one step at a time and until you’ve fully implemented it and can see a change, keep on it. Most people think they’ve learned something because they’ve memorized it – that’s what we’re taught to do – but until you understand and have successfully applied it, it hasn’t really sunk in. as Bob Marley said over 40 years ago when referring to the major mental shift that needs to take place, “Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?” If not, do something about it.

The Voice of Congo & Millennials Waking Up

congo-3The true voice of Congo has always be distorted and manipulated. I used to hear news of rape and violence around the world and chunk it up to the people just being “violent” or “uncivilized.” Then I’d go to Froyo & Victoria Secret and carry on with my life, not thinking about it again until I heard another news story. I knew the Holocaust was a horrific display of the human potential, but I’d never heard of King Leopold II from Belgium whose responsible for more death and destruction than Hitler.

The Long-Lasting Effects of Colonization

I never understood how human beings could just travel to an unknown land and claim ownership of the terrain, people, and their labor, forever. Some of the worst atrocities in human history were committed by Belgians in the Eastern Congo, while the British laid claim on the Aborigines in Australasia, the United States on native Americans and Filipinos, the French on Northwest Congolese, Spanish on the north and central native Americans, Portuguese on the Angolans and Amazonians, and Germans on Southwest Africans – obliterating the culture, spirituality, language, killing animals, and exploiting the land.

It may surprise you that most Europeans and tourists were disgusted by what was taking place all over the world. They sensed something innately wrong about this characterization of the Congolese and misrepresentation of the voice of Congo. The masses did not support colonization, so why did it continue?

Smells Like Smoke

How is it possible that the Congo River basin sits on $24 trillion in untapped natural resources (more that the US + Europe GDP) – yet 45,000 people die every month from diseases preventable with basic medical care?

I wcongo-4as inspired to post this status because I think millennials are waking up. I have so many enlightening conversations about people becoming inspired to stop eating meat, open their spirituality, and feeling a greater sense of interconnectedness – despite the mass desensitization taking place because of technology.

Everything has a price except the gifts and talents we were born with (imagination, love, reason, creativity, etc). Someone in the 3rd world is paying for our over-indulgence when we could use those abilities to carry our own weight. In Virunga National park, 10 women work 40 hour weeks, and make $40 per month as a group. People are losing limbs to mine coltan and make a meager living.

We have to get creative, and contribute more or our brothers & sisters will continue to suffer. Maybe swap out your nightly episode of reality tv to spend an hour starting an imports business. Or learn to cook organically instead of eating McDonald’s. As Emerson said, “Every man is a consumer, and ought to be a producer. He is by constitution expensive, and needs to be rich.”

The Silent Voice of Congo

congo-article-4We need to listen to that silent voice of our brothers and sisters, really listen with our hearts. I personally believe that the real voice of Congo is not the one portrayed in the media. The people are resilient, courageous, and loving. We could all learn a thing or two from a culture that is focused more on community & nature, than money & status. Many less-civilized, or 3rd world civilizations seem to value unity and peace far more than modernized, western societies. Many of these countries would be peaceful had they not been invaded, enslaved, manipulated, exploited, and pitted against their neighbors. The true voice of Congo is one of love, brotherhood, abundance, perseverance, and oneness.

It’s all a game.

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